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Brandon Jones Amateur Gay Pornstar

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Brandon Jones Vital Stats:
Height:  5'11"
Age:  28
Cock size:  8"
Weight:  145
Cut / Uncut:  Uncut
Top / Bottom / Versatile:  Versatile
Description:  Brandon Jones is a 28 y.o. Montrealer who needs no introduction. As a popular porn star that has shot for several major studios in the US and abroad, Brandon is known for his talents as a power bottom. While sporting a sizable 8" uncut cock, it is his ass and skills as a bottom that have propelled this handsome man in gay porn fairly quickly. At 5'11", this 155 lbs. Aquarian also works as a flight attendant, who has had his fair share of comical and sometimes embarrassing moments as his two jobs sometimes cross paths.

Brandon Jones Gay Porn Videos

Brandon Jones, Hayden Sevigny
18 Photos, 18 minute(s) of video
There is no other power bottom like Brandon Jones and new straight porn actor Hayden Sevigny will learn it the good way. He texted him wanting is ass up waiting for his cock on his bed. The straight guy just slipped in his uncut meat in him. The hungry bottom take the pounding like a champion. He then...

Tags: Amateur, Anal Sex, Big dick, Big muscles
Brandon Jones, Gabriel Clark
14 Photos, 27 minute(s) of video
The Journey of gabriel clark in the discovering of his homosexuality as come to a full circle! After being seduced by his girlfriend brother, charmed by a priest after a confession one thing is clear… he wants men. He come back to Brandon Jones for more clarity in all this. The 2 met has brandon was...

Tags: Amateur, Anal Sex, Ass Play, Big dick
Brandon Jones, Derek Thibeau
23 Photos, 18 minute(s) of video
Brandon Jones was sad and lonely after another big fight with his boyfriend Samuel… He needed a real men to make his problems go away and called one of his favorite lover Derek Thibeau .No need for talk his underwear had a clear message on it. The tattooed man arrived already hard and ready for brandon...

Tags: Amateur, Anal Sex, Big dick, Blowjob
Brandon Jones, Samuel Stone
4 Photos, 15 minute(s) of video
Making out with your partner when you are pissed at him for cruising around the bars and the web has its advantages. In this follow-up to the last week’s sensual warm-up video, Samuel discovers that Brandon has been letting his eyes and fingers stray at the bar and on his cell phone. Samuel is no happy...

Tags: Amateur, Anal Sex, Ass Play, Bareback
Brandon Jones, Micke Stallone
18 Photos, 27 minute(s) of video
Brandon just got back from the gym and is horny as hell. Micke walks out of the shower simply wrapped in a towel when the 2 of them come face-to-face in the kitchen. The guys stare and lock lips and when Brandon removes Micke's towel a hard boner is waiting for his talented attention. Brandon pushes...

Tags: Amateur, Anal Sex, Ass Play, Big dick
Brandon Jones, Micke Stallone
15 Photos, 12 minute(s) of video
Brandon Jones is back and this time he's hanging out at the Condo in the company of Micke Stallone. Both are lounging on the chesterfield looking at each other and jerking their dicks to full attention.... Brandon's smooth body and come hither eyes tell a story and Micke is happy to respond in kind,...

Tags: Amateur, Big dick, Casting, Gay Pornstar
Brandon Jones, Pierre Fitch
29 Photos, 18 minute(s) of video
To state that there was sexual tension in the air for this shoot is an understatement. Pierre Fitch and Brandon Jones know how to deliver one dick-jerking performance. Pierre and Brandon know each other well. And on this day, these two Montreal-native giants of porn were drawn to each other as we have...

Tags: Amateur, Anal Sex, Ass Play, Big dick
Brandon Jones
25 Photos, 13 minute(s) of video
Brandon Jones woke up one morning and found a note on the bed left by his boyfriend, Samuel Stone, saying 'Gone for the day, love you!' These loving words of his absent hunk inspired Brandon who, remembering some finer moments spent with Samuel, awoke his lustful feelings and gave rise to a decent...

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