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Gabriel Clark Amateur Gay Pornstar

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Gabriel Clark Vital Stats:
Height:  5'10"
Age:  25
Cock size:  8.5"
Cut / Uncut:  Uncut
Top / Bottom / Versatile:  Versatile
Description:  Gabriel Clark is a bisexual porn actor who came onto the scene in 2010. A real power top with a hefty 8.5 inch uncut dick, this 25 year old is a truly open-minded sex machine who knows few boundaries. He has performed for several gay and straight porn sites and knows how to charm his way into anyone's shorts.

Gabriel Clark Gay Porn Videos

Brandon Jones, Gabriel Clark
14 Photos, 27 minute(s) of video
The Journey of gabriel clark in the discovering of his homosexuality as come to a full circle! After being seduced by his girlfriend brother, charmed by a priest after a confession one thing is clear… he wants men. He come back to Brandon Jones for more clarity in all this. The 2 met has brandon was...

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Gabriel Clark, Samuel Stone
15 minute(s) of video
While Brandon Jones and Derek Thibeau had it going on on the other side of the city, Samuel Stone was also trying to recover from the big fight he just had with his boyfriend. Along came long time lover Gabriel Clark to the rescue. He love his sweet long and passionate kisses and you can tell by their...

Tags: Amateur, Anal Sex, Ass Play, Big dick
Gabriel Clark, Micke Stallone
25 Photos, 31 minute(s) of video
French Canadians were long known for their staunch catholic upbringing. While the Church had a stiff control over Quebec society for many years, today Quebeckers have largely shed this heritage as they are among the most open-minded, tolerant and hedonistic society this side of Sodom. Yet, the Church...

Tags: Amateur, XXXVideos
Gabriel Clark, Pascal Aubry
71 Photos, 23 minute(s) of video
For this shoot, we were pleased to have a great fan of ours on the set. The blogger??owner of Queer Me Now was in town and we invited him to come on the set. He was so pleased to join us, as he would also have the opportunity to interview the stars of this video, veteran actor Gabriel Clark and newcomer...

Tags: Amateur, Anal Sex, Ass Play, Big dick
Brandon Jones, Gabriel Clark
30 Photos, 25 minute(s) of video
Gabriel Clark is a happy straight man living with his girlfriend of two years. On this day, just as much as any other day, Gabriel's loins are stirring. He's in the mood for some good sex, but the girlfriend is on her way out the door. Before leaving, she mentions that her brother will be passing by...

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Ben Rose, Emilio Calabria
15 Photos, 26 minute(s) of video
US Thanksgiving Weekend... Football is a great excuse to bring guys together for a little competitive spirit. Indeed, for four days on the last weekend of November, it is almost non-stop football playing on American networks. So, why bother stuffing a turkey when you can stuff one or two of your...

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Damien Hope, Gabriel Clark
15 Photos, 20 minute(s) of video

Tags: Amateur, Anal Sex, Ass Play, Big dick
Gabriel Clark, Samuel Stone
15 Photos, 22 minute(s) of video
Welcome to one of Gabriel's fantasy re-enactments... He is attending a conference on our behalf (which did happen!), he's dressed like the true businessman he is (We all know how Gabriel means business!), he encounters a dude that gets his crotch stirring... Invites him back to his hotel room, but...

Tags: Amateur, Anal Sex, Ass Play, Big dick


Mainly here cause of this hunk, hope he gets paid well :)