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Vince Carrera Amateur Gay Pornstar

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Vince Carrera Vital Stats:
Height:  5'9"
Age:  21
Cock size:  8"
Cut / Uncut:  Uncut
Top / Bottom / Versatile:  Top
Description:  Vince Carrera is a 21 y.o. guy who works as a male stripper in the city. He's best friends with Justin Filion and decided to come in for a solo after Justin returned from his own on a high. These straight guys are pretty much inseparable. They go to work together, hang out together and work out together. Real bros Vince weighs in at 165 lbs. and measures 5'9". His 8" uncut cock carries a lot of skin. His cock head stays covered even when stone hard. He also loves his tats and earrings. This dude is quite the show off even though he debated for almost six months before deciding to perform on camera for us.

Vince Carrera Gay Porn Videos

Justin Filion, Vince Carrera
48 Photos, 16 minute(s) of video
Best friends, Vince Carrera and Justin Filion, agreed to do a side-by-side jerk off video for us. To do so, they hooked up with us during our Anniversary weekend shoot at the cottage we rented 90 min. east of Montreal. We wanted to see how far we could take them, knowing both guys are straight, but jerking...

Tags: Amateur, Big dick, Big muscles, Bubble butt
Vince Carrera
15 Photos, 20 minute(s) of video
Vince Carrera is best buds with Justin Filion. They are both male strippers and when Justin left after doing his solo, he was on such a high that Vince just couldn't resist the temptation to try to upstage his bro. We had tried to get Vince in for a solo for quite a while, but peer pressure seems to...

Tags: Amateur, Big dick, Big muscles, Bubble butt